The Revolution Begins.

My name is Robert San Luis, and I am starting a revolution.

I’m waging a revolution against the obsolete and ineffective information that many in the personal finance industry have brainwashed the public with.


The time has come to challenge the conventional wisdom, challenge the establishment and the powerful apparatus that has caused immense pain, suffering and confusion.

We need better ideas, and better strategies for helping investors around the world achieve their dreams of freedom.

For the entirety of my adult life I have been on a quest for truth.

I am just like you. I’m an investor and business owner who strives for success and hungers for sensible, intelligent, and effective ways to build wealth.

I have long asked the question: how do we buy our freedom back?

How do we invest for retirement amidst the tumultuous global financial environment we exist in today?

The last few years have caused more uncertainty and loss than any other time since the Great Depression.

There are better strategies. There are better ideas. There are better tactics.

There is hope for everyone.

There are ways to win.

I will do my best to illuminate new pathways for you and your family to enjoy a life of prosperity.

Welcome aboard.


I am the son of Filipino immigrants who came to the United States to complete their medical training.

Both of my parents were board certified physicians.My father was a general and pediatric surgeon and my mother was an anesthesiologist.

They were accomplished medical professionals but they were not trained in the management of money which made them easy prey for con men and criminals.

I made it my personal mission to make sure my family would not be victimized by dangerously speculative markets, poor decision making and unscrupulous promoters of illegitimate investment products.

My parents made mistakes and I made my share of mistakes too.

The accumulation of many costly errors have made me a determined advocate for investors and hard working folks seeking to figure out the best ways to build wealth and retire with financial security.

Like you, I am a seeker of truth. I have studied personal finance and all manner of investing my entire life.

For most of my adult life I have been an investor and entrepreneur.
Early in my career, I was a personal financial planner for a decade before focusing on real estate investing.

My experience as a real estate investor spans nearly 20 years.

I learned some expensive lessons about the dangers of speculation during the Great Recession and I discovered the merits of investing for income and avoiding speculation.

As a seasoned investor with years of ownership and operational experience in the commercial real estate arena,I have accumulated knowledge that I wish to share with others.

I am a trusted advisor, professional investor, author, speaker, podcaster, consultant and mobile home park expert.

I have a B. A. degree in business administration is from Baylor University, Waco, Texas and I am the proud father of two wonderful children.

My goal is to serve others with the lessons I have learned in my professional and personal life.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous life!

Robert SanLuis


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My email address is: Robert@RobertSanLuis.com

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